Adding to a Non-DOT Drug Testing Policy for your Company

Alcohol biomarkers are used in monitoring alcohol usage. The most common is breath alcohol testing which is done for Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing requirements. Companies can also implement alcohol testing in their Non-DOT drug testing policy. Alcohol can be added to drug testing in random selection, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing. ...
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Why we do CDL Compliance Testing

For years, most drivers have fought back or even ignored the importance of being drug free on the road. It is amazing that even though most people are aware of the dangers of driving drunk or under the influence of certain drugs or narcotics, the number of Driving Under Influence (DUI) cases continue to shock...
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Keeping you Safe on the Road

Safe and healthy drivers are a bonus to any and all companies, not to mention the millions of other drivers on the road. Federal government regulations state that all commercial drivers need to be tested for drugs and alcohol in order to keep our highways safe. This is from the United States Department of Transportation...
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