Cancellation Policy

Effective February 1st 2013

It is the policy of Transportation Compliance Service, LLC that when sales representatives of this company contact prospective clients, that they clearly explain the services that we provide as part of our responsibility to assist clients in getting into compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations. At the conclusion of each sale, our sales representatives finish their presentation by emphasizing who we are, what we do, and answer any questions that our clients may have regarding our services. Our sales reps also very clearly explain that by the end of the business day in which the sale is made, the service is completed and the clients paperwork is mailed out. Because the service is complete and the paperwork cannot be reclaimed from the US Postal Service, cancellations will not be processed after 5:30 ET on the day payment is received from the client. Therefore cancellations must be made before 5:30 ET on the day payment is received.

Driver qualification services are final 24 hours after the interview has been scheduled or after the initial interview has been conducted, whichever comes first.

Sales of MC#’s, UCR Registration and DOC-3 filings are non refundable, all sales are final at time of purchase.

David R Minert
Director of Operations
DOT Compliance Service