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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Transportation Compliance Service

What Transportation Compliance Service, LLC, Inc Can Do For You!

We at Transportation Compliance Service are set up and ready to assist employers who have CDL drivers or owner operators to be in full compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements as they begin their business.

To ensure that our clients will pass a safety audit that relates to their compliance with drug testing requirements, Transportation Compliance Service will provide the following services to each of their clients:

Enrollment of the CDL driver in our random selection consortium. (A consortium is a large group of CDL drivers who are subject to random selection. This process will ensure that all group members are selected for random drug testing at the rate of 50% annually, as well as random alcohol testing at the rate of 10% annually);
A Certificate of Compliance with all DOT substance abuse testing requirements as certified by us at Transportation Compliance Service;
A signed Drug Testing Servicing Agreement stating in detail those testing services we are obligated to provide as well as the cost of those services and client payment terms;
Complete assistance in helping clients get all CDL drivers their initial drug test;
A company Substance Abuse Policy for clients that have more than one employee (owner operators are exempt from this requirement);
Assistance with setting up clients to be drug and alcohol tested at clinics located nationwide;
Computer generated random selection process; and
Web based client reporting of all drug or alcohol test results.