A Brief Glance at Secretary Ray LaHood

The current Secretary of Transportation is Ray LaHood. He became the 16th Secretary of Transportation on January 23, 2009 and currently leads an agency of over 55,000 employees. He also served 14 years in the U.S. House of Representatives from the 18th district of Illinois. Secretary LaHood started his career as a junior high school teacher.

Secretary LaHood was appointed by President Obama to implement many priorities for transportation, including: safety, restoring economic health, and creating jobs. He was also tasked with shaping the economy of the coming decades by focusing on transportation infrastructure. This is important to a recovering economy as well as the future of transportation in America.

The Department of Transportation was also given a $70 billion budget that it can use to oversee air, maritime, and surface transportation missions. This gives the department the ability to manage all of its arms effectively. Part of Secretary LaHood’s responsibilities include managing his executive team within the Department of Transportation. Along with the secretary, this team makes sure that all agencies that fall under the arm of the Department of Transportation are being well-managed and well-funded. As the department overseas such agencies as the FAA and the FHA, it is important that everything aligns with the goals and wishes of the president.

The Department of Transportation ensures the safety of all who travel within the United States, and Secretary LaHood works to better the efficiency of this department.

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