Driver Testing Has Never Been More Important

In March 2013 it has been announced that a Federal database is in the pipeline that will monitor the employment of all drivers who have failed drug testing protocol for previous employers, and given the legal minefield that this is likely to raise it has never been more important or owners to exert vigilance over the sobriety of their drivers.

Transportation Compliance Service, based in Meridian, ID, takes a very specific approach to ensuring that truck drivers are carting their loads in adherence to the limits imposed by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. Offering a comprehensive scheme that is adaptable to all operators, it is of universal importance that owners take control of the running of their rolling stock, and provides a truly comprehensive service in ensuring this is delivered.

As is widely known, the legal ramifications should the worst happen and a driver cause an accident or miss a vital delivery, and be found under the influence of prohibited substances can come back to the owner should they not have made appropriate safeguards. The CDL consortium offers the highest professional safeguarding against these unfortunate eventualities, which are increasingly not due to the driver deliberately failing through personal intoxication, but the myriad of medicines that contain obscure, yet still barred, substances continues to rise ever greater.

The CDL covers drivers in charge of vehicles over 26,000lbs - and also those with responsibility for toxic, hazardous or sixteen persons capacity passenger transit vehicles. This is enough to cover the majority of operators who are today running a fleet of haulage transports, and the company offers extensive testing to cover all remits covered by the Dept. of Transportation.

Even for long established haulers who have never had an issue with these concerns, today drivers now frequently split their careers between companies, which until now has made regulation and cooperation much more difficult to enforce. However as stated, with legislation coming into force soon to make drivers truly legit and with highly checkable references, we offers the chance to enforce with due diligence, and utmost professionalism.

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