Drug Testing in the Trucking Industry

Trucks are such a familiar sight on our roads and expressways that we even hardly notice them anymore. They are also a very important part of the shipping for this country and provide the products that we need on a daily basis. The trucking industry is responsible for most of the products that are transported through the country on a given day.

All CDL drivers that operate a commercial truck with weight that exceeds 26,000 pounds, transport 16 or more passengers, or haul hazardous material are required to undergo drug and alcohol tests. In fact, in 1990 the DOT starting requiring that all CDL Drivers are drug tested and in 1995 they started requiring that all CDL drivers be alcohol tested as well.

For owner/operators and companies in the trucking industry, our company provides testing services that you need to be in compliance with the Federal Substance Abuse Testing regulations. For over 20 years our company has been doing drug and alcohol testing. We can handle DOT compliance audits for owner operators while assisting companies as well.

Transportation Compliance Service exists to help the employers of CDL drivers always have the ability to stay within DOT regulations. They make sure that the strict compliance standards of the Department of Transportation are being followed. Transportation Compliance Service provides the services for each client and listed below are some of the services they provide so that the clients pass a safety audit with drug testing requirements.

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