How to Start your Own Trucking Company

There are many steps you need to take before starting your own trucking company. Maybe you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, understand the ins and outs, and have now decided to venture out on your own and start your own trucking business. This might be a great idea and make the most sense in your life, but before you go to the bank to secure a huge loan, there are other very important steps you must take during the inception of your business and then after your business has been founded.

There are necessary steps like writing an initial business plan and planning out marketing materials. Then there are other steps that are a bit more specific like securing insurance, financing, and deciding whether you’re going to haul freight locally or across the country. The type of freight you’re hauling and where it’s going will decide what kind of truck beds are necessary and what other permits you will need to secure.

Another important factor to consider is enrolling in an owner/operator drug testing consortium. Since you will fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation, you will need to follow all regulatory compliance rules that they set forth.

Steps to take to complete this include:

  • Figuring out the Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations concerning the industry.
  • Understanding the rules and regulations on a federal and state level.
  • Understanding who needs to be regulated and who needs to be tested.
  • Finding a reputable company to handle your consortium drug testing needs.

All of these steps are important to take when you have secured funding and have founded your company. Make sure you’re in compliance with the Department of Transportation and avoid costly fines and shutdowns.

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