Just What Are We All About?

Transportation Compliance Service is dedicated to providing drug and alcohol testing to employers who need to be in compliance with specific, federal regulations. If you don’t understand all of the regulations that you need to follow as an employer, don’t worry. DOT Compliance testing is currently servicing over 1500 employers and is also coordinating the random selections of over 30,000 drivers who are subject to random drug testing.

Among drug testing services, we also help employers perform DOT compliance audits for their businesses. Remember that the Department of Transportation began requiring all operators of commercial vehicles to be drug tested in 1990. In 1995, they expanded this requirement to include alcohol testing as well. This testing is required for all CDL holders, which means drivers who operate commercial vehicles whose gross vehicle weight (GVW) exceeds 26,000 pounds. It can also mean drivers that transport hazardous materials or transport 16 or more passengers.

Commercial Driver’s License holders are subject to pre-employment, reasonable cause, post-accident, and random drug tests. Also remember that all employers of CDL drives are subject to safety audits to confirm that they are acting within regulations.

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