Staying Awake on the Road

We’ve all been there. We know the sensation of starting to feel sleepy or dreary after being on the road for hours on end. There’s nothing worse than needing to complete a drive or a checkpoint when all that you really want to do is curl up and catch some well-earned “Zs”. For many truck drivers or transport personnel, sleeping at specific times isn’t an option.

Well, luckily we have provided you with some tips that might help you stay awake on the road after a long haul has you feeling the effects of sleepiness.

  1. Caffeine! – This is probably the most obvious and the most frequently used method of staying awake on the road. Whether you’re a straight black kinda guy or gal, or you prefer a “fufu” espresso drink, coffee and other caffeinated products can help you get past those last few hours until you reach your destination.
  2. Make someone talk to you- If you’re traveling with a spouse or friend, it definitely helps to keep an open dialogue going. Driving alone? Maybe it’s time to revisit childhood memories and spark up a conversation with your imaginary friend you’ve been neglecting all these years.
  3. Use an electronic device to alert you when you’re sleepy- Companies are now manufacturing little devices that you wear in your ear that can detect if the driver nods off while behind the wheel. Letting out a screech reminiscent of that scene in “Dumb and Dumber”, this little baby will be sure to alert you when you’re obviously too tired to drive.
  4. Make stops to stretch or rest- Sometimes all you really need is a good stretch and a nap. When the going the distance, be sure to take time to stop and smell the roses for a few minutes.
  5. Bring along road-friendly snacks to munch on- Caffeinated sunflower seed? Yes please! Some snacks when hitting the road are always a good idea to stave off sleep and they taste delicious too.

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