Staying one Step Ahead

There are many ways that a person may try and fool a drug test. As an industry, the agencies and companies administering drug tests are constantly on the look out for practices such as these. The industry that we represent is definitely on the look out for these practices as they are doing harm to the entire population as a whole. We ensure drivers who obtain Commercial Drivers Licenses are within Department of Transportation regulations.

Thankfully, the industry has been able to create ways to detect products in urine samples that have been used to mask drug use. The industry is also, in some cases, becoming more reliant on the use of oral fluid and hair follicle tests to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Currently, 67% of major US firms drug test future employees. Of course this number becomes 100% when dealing with the Department of Transportation. Another thing about being DOT Compliant is the frequency of drug tests. Tests aren’t administered at the start of driver’s career. They are continual to ensure compliance and safety.

But despite advances in the industry, many attempts to beat drug tests are still being made. That is why it is more important than ever to stay a step ahead of the game and come up with solutions to thwart criminals who try and pass drug tests by artificial means.

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