Why we do CDL Compliance Testing

For years, most drivers have fought back or even ignored the importance of being drug free on the road. It is amazing that even though most people are aware of the dangers of driving drunk or under the influence of certain drugs or narcotics, the number of Driving Under Influence (DUI) cases continue to shock many every year. It is mainly for this reason and more that the Department of Transportation (DOT) under the full backing and sponsorship of the government decided to enforce a law that significantly prevents these occurrences. In 1990, the US Department of Transportation began requiring all operators of commercial vehicles to be drug tested, and in 1995, the DOT began requiring CDL holders to be alcohol tested as well.

Those who are heavily involved in the trucking industry will agree that the DOT does not play games with anyone who ignores this law or even fails to comply with any part of it. It is true that certain CDL drivers struggling with drugs or alcoholism over time have managed to play the system and avoided being caught. It is also true that such CDL drivers usually don't last for a long time and sooner than not, they end up jeopardizing their careers and painfully watch all their learning and skill-acquisition efforts go down the drain in front of their very own eyes. Being arrested for alcohol or any drug related offenses while being on the wheel is not a very pleasant experience especially for a CDL driver.

A practical solution to this problem therefore needs to be exploited in order to limit casualties and prevent massive losses. This is where CDL Consortium Drug Testing plays an integral role in helping not only the owners and operators of trucks, but also the DOT in ensuring that every truck driver is in compliance with these drug testing laws. A consortium is basically a team of independent businesses that join together to achieve a common goal. In the case of the CDL Consortium Drug Testing, the intent is to provide an opportunity to satisfy the federal drug and alcohol testing laws, and it is important to note that heavy fines are imposed to those who are required to belong to a certain program yet they fail to do so.

To enroll in consortium drug testing is currently the most cost-effective way for all truck owners to meet the required standards set out by the government. Owner/Operator drug testing can be done at Transportation Compliance Service which is a company that has been dedicated for over 20 years to provide alcohol and drug testing to employers and owner operators nationwide. They currently service over 1500 employers and are entrusted by the government to coordinate the random selection of more than 30,000 drivers who are subject to random testing requirements. Transportation Compliance Service has assisted hundreds of companies and owner operators with DOT compliance audits, and continue to ensure that their clients' alcohol and drug testing procedures are conducted error free.

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