Freight Shipments Rose from October to November

According to the Department of Transportation, the amount of freight carried by for-hire transport rose 1.7 percent from the months October to November. This came after a one month decline and the reported increase is over 15 percent higher than the low point in the recession. This is good news for the outlook of the transportation industry.

This change in freight was measured month-to-month changes in freight shipments by mode of transportation in tons and ton-miles, which are then combined into one index. This index is the conglomerate of many avenues of transportation, including the trucking industry. The increase in the amount of freight can be used as an explanation of the overall health of the economy and is followed very closely by industry experts.

Where does all of this data point to in this recovering economy? We can definitely say this is a healthy sign for the economy as a whole as the country seems to purchasing more and more items which, in turn, is driving the need for transportation of those goods. Some goods can be classified as “recession-proof”, however, there are many luxury items that contribute to the overall shipping of freight in the United States.

These trends and data point to a rise in consumer purchasing and a rise in transportation as a whole. If this trend continues, we will be back at pre-recession levels of freight moving through the country.

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